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RDRP0263 - B5M Wing Mount Set


The RDRP B5M Wing Mount Set replaces the kit's plastic wing mount with more durable and better performing parts. The mount is of a -7mm design that places the wing 7mm lower than the stock wing mount does which leads to a lower centre of gravity and improved jumping both on small, medium and large jumps. On top of that the high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium part grants a better support for the wing which leads to better aerodynamics and also improved durability in the event of a crash. And, above all, the new wing position looks WAY cooler!


The RDRP B5M Wing Mount Set replaces the standard composite parts.


- Material: Blue anodised 7075-T6 aluminium

- Suitable for: Team Associated B5M

- Available in black and blue color


RDRP0263-BL B5M Wing Mount Set (blue)

RDRP0263-BK B5M Wing Mount Set (black)

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