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The RDRP DEX210 Brass Battery Stopper Block is designed to replace the kit's plastic block with a more heavy solution to help add weight where it is needed.

Depending on the motor configuration, battery pack used and also track conditions it can be necessary to add further weight near the centre of the buggy to achieve that perfect weight distribution or overall weight. The RDRP Brass Battery Stopper Block adds 24g of weight in front of the battery pack, for example when you are running the somewhat lighter "shorty" or light "low mAh" LiPo battery packs and it also securely hold the battery pack in place to avoid axial movement.

The block is a drop-fit solution, is easily mounted using the original chassis location holes, is CNC-machined from brass and comes laser-etched for easy identification. 


The RDRP DEX210 Brass Battery Stopper Block adds 24g of weight to the chassis.


- Material: CNC-machined brass
- Weight: 24g
- Suitable for: Team Durango DEX210, DESC210, DEST210

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